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The Legion is the largest lay organization in the Catholic Church.
We are worldwide.

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Interesting facts:
Frank Duff started the Legion of Mary on September 7, 1921 in Ireland. He belonged to the St. Vincent De Paul Society but felt there needed to be a group that brought spiritual help to people. He used some of the rules of the Society in starting the Legion and also uses Roman Legion (Latin) terminology in the Legion.

The first Praesidium in Washington State began in St. James Cathedral on January 2, 1934 and was called Our Lady of Perpetual Help Praesidium.


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God Bless You!


Frank Duff info page

Dear Fellow Legionaries,

We remember a great Legionary, Frank Duff. It was on November 7, 1980, that Frank Duff completed his earthly pilgrimage and entered into eternal glory.


Some important dates about Frank Duff’s life:

June 7, 1889: Frank Duff is born
September 7, 1921: The Legion of Mary is born. Frank Duff is one of the original members.
November 7, 1980: Frank Duff enters into eternity.


Some of the publications written by Frank Duff, which are truly spiritual treasures:
Can We Be Saints?
Miracles On Tap
The Spirit of Home Visitation


These publications by Frank Duff and all publications by Frank Duff should be in abundant supply in every council. After all, it is said that Frank Duff was hand picked by Our Lady to establish the Legion of Mary. As we know, Frank Duff has been declared a Servant of God by the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II , and Frank Duff’s cause for canonization is advancing.

The spiritual wisdom and insight contained in the publications by Frank Duff can benefit all of us by helping us advance on our spiritual journey and grow as Legionaries.


Also let us remember all the Legionaries that have gone before us, such as the great Legion envoys Edel Quinn ( East Africa), Alphonsus Lambe (South America), Fr. McGrath (China & Philippines), Fr. Bradshaw (Iceland)…as well as the active and auxiliary members in our own praesidiums who have entered into eternity. It was the faithful service of the Legionaries who have gone before us, that provides us with the grace-filled, golden opportunity to serve Our Lady in the Legion of Mary at the present time.


According to the Legion Handbook, pages 103-104, “The Souls Of Our Departed Legionaries” during the month of November each praesidium should have a Mass celebrated for our departed Legionaries. Let’s have those Masses celebrated!


How blessed we are to be able to practice our Catholic faith, in a special way, by serving Our Lady in the Legion of Mary for the greater glory of God! A great reminder of how fortunate we really are to be able to serve Our Lady in the Legion, due to the selfless sacrifice, devotion and commitment of the Legionaries who have gone before us, is at the end of every Legion meeting in the closing prayers: ” May the souls of our departed Legionaries and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. ”

God bless you all!

James Hall

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