The following points are taken from the Legion handbook chapter 36 on the subject of Junior Praesidium.

  1. Praesidia for persons under 18 years may be established with the approval of the Curia and subject to any special conditions which may be deemed necessary;

  1. It is to be regarded as an essential condition that at least the President should be an adult and a second adult officer would be desirable. If these senior legionaries remain members of the senior praesidium, the work of officering the junior praesidium satisfies their work obligation;

  1. The purpose, in setting up a junior praesidium, is not primarily the doing of a certain amount of useful work, but the training and spiritualizing of its members;

  1. No junior who has reached 16 years should be given work which would not be accepted from seniors;

  1. A minimum of one hour’s work may be accepted from the junior member;

  1. It would be permissible for a junior to perform his work in company with a senior legionary:

  1. In suggestions for works for juniors, emphasis is place on: Teaching the Catechism, recruiting for catechism classes, visitation of children in hospital or other institution, or in their own homes, and visitation of the infirm and the blind and the performing for them of all sorts of needed services.

The only real way of learning the Legion is to work its system. Lectures are often given urging the young to undertake the apostolate when they go out into the world, but such lectures, however excellent, are but dry bones compared with the living body of actual practice. Moreover, without actual training, an intention or desire to begin apostolic work is of little value. Inexperience is easily intimidated, or if a beginning is made along one’s own lines, it will almost assuredly end in a morass.

Legion Handbook Chapter 36 page 222 #2.


Junior Legion in Renton!
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Please join us. We meet every Friday night at 6:00pm in the St. Martin De Poors room in the Parish Ministry Center PMCA at St. Anthony’s Church in Renton.
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